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In order to provide a more interesting and healthy

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In order toprovideamore interesting andhealthyway ofopeningweekend,Kunming Expo Parkparkthe biketourto the public,will be regularlyheld the theme ofriding activity.In September 20th,nearly a hundredridersgathered in Expo Park,to take part in the first"loveExpo"riding activity.


Theridefrom the Kunming Expo Parktogetherlovetravel network,loveridingclub held.Activities tocompetitiveas a supplement,is mainly to providea weekendleisure andentertainment for themeof open platformfor parents and children.

The public canalsoenjoy the sceneryin the riding,food products,see the show.The shuttle in theExpo Parkand herbs,scenery,riderscan alsopassing through theactivitybase campeat barbecue,look at thedrivingshow.In addition,the Expo Parkalso providesThe Danube drifting,4D moviesand other entertainment projects.More details,can call theorganizers ofthe Kunming Expo Park(0871-65012284)consulting.


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